Word of the Day -- Zhaghzhagh

So I never said that each word of the day was going to be in English, did I?  If I did, I lied.  I came across this wonderful collection of word that have no english equivalent.  You know, those kind of words that you have to explain what it means, what the context of how you are feeling, what you are seeing, etc.  Well these words do that in one word.  In other words, when you say to yourself, there ought to be a word for that, there is, it is just in another language probably.  I'm going to use several of these over the next few days, but this one caught my eye for both what it describes and for the beauty of the word:

Zhaghzhagh -- The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage. 

It's Persian and I know little else about it except that it is a cool word...