Monday, September 21, 2009

News at Last, Thank God Almighty there is News at Last!

Hey Folks,

I've been absent from the boards for several weeks, mainly working on the CKG, and as I'm way overdue for some news, here she goes . . .

Things are going to heat up a little around here. As I put more time into the CKG I'm going to move things around a bit in the schedule. All the below is set to give me more time into the CKG:

Neal joins us for the next two weeks and he's going to take over all the electronic uploads we've been needing to do, particularly over at Paizo, Game Hermit, RPGNow, Amazon etc.

I'm going to shift Crusader back one issue, a month's delay essentially. Resetting the magazine so that Issue 21 will ship in October, Issue 22 in November and so on. I'm doing this mainly so that I have more time in the short term to work on the CKG. I may have to do this again at some point in the very near future. So for the next few months it may get bumpy . . . certainly not as bad as it was back during the early days of the magazine. Laughing

Players Handbook is due to ship to these offices on the 23rd of this month, that 's this Wednesday. It normally ships in 2 days so that we will have the books late on Friday afternoon. Now, we are going to attempt to preset packaging and get a batch of them out on Friday, no promises on that though as we just never know when those tractor trailers are going to arrive.

Gods and Monsters is up next, but its going to have to wait a few more weeks for the pipe to clear.

The Screens continue to be a vexing problem. We are going to have another go at them this week.

CKG, chapter 21 wrap up today and tomorrow. This has really been the hardest chapter of it all, so hopefully this will prove to be the end game for this project.

We've launched the personalized Players Handbooks as well. Get your orders in quickly, if not the files, so we can set these up and start printing them. Thanks.

I'm sure there's more but it will have to come to me as it comes to me.

I have started a thread over on the message boards called News and More News. If you have any questions, please stop by and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for playing,

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