Monday, June 22, 2009

Message Boards

Hey folks,

The Message Boards are down. It appears to be a problem with the DNS on the providers end. Bryan is looking into some solutions. We may attempt to get some temp boards up.

Thanks for the patience!


Friday, June 19, 2009


Steve: hard at work on PH edits and a little reformat.

Peter: hard at work on Gods and Monsters.

Davis: hard at work on CKG.

Mark: hard at work on Area mapping sheets.

Jim: hard at work on CKG.

Thanks for playing,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Growing Pains

Well as usual, we seem to be having growing pains. At least I hope its growing pains . . . .

Jim and Liz have just put Crusader 19 to bed and its a good one, chalk full of all kinds of articles. We have a few sneak peeks on the CKG in this issue as well.

Work on the Castle Keeper's Guide has been tremendous has knocked us off schedule with the A series, nothing unusual there as that poor series is constantly being knocked to the side. A6 has just now shipped and we'll announce its availability tonight or tomorrow night. We'll also put up some errata for the Monsters & Treasure, apparently we left out the stat block for the Shark.

But problems with the M&T have made us take a closer look at the PH which we are going over now. That has necessarily delayed that project by a week or so. This of course has delayed work on the CKG somewhat, but it has not impacted Gods & Monsters as that book is almost completely in Peter's court now. This has had a small impact on Tainted Lands though that project is well on its way for a Gencon Release.

In short we have a ripple affect going up and down the line caused largely by the PH delays. I'll have a better assessment next week of where we are on everything.

Thanks for playing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A6 Shattered the Horn

A6 Of Banishment & Blight is finally done and ready to ship. It took a monstrous last minute effort to align text and the 12 odd maps in the book. Davis made a kick ass adventure, but good lord are the maps complicated, 7 towers over 7 causeways to 7 dungeons that lead to a central dungeon that has four levels.

Ug. I hate Davis sometimes. And have let him know quite a bit.

But he has been pounding out the CKG and we invited Jim Ward's input as well and Jim has turned over some remarkable material. The book is well on its way to being completed.

I'm now doing some wrap up for Crusader 19, it should be shipping by early next week at the lastest. So that's good.

After that, some more CKG and then on to Tainted Lands. Box cover is done, now to editing and guts.

And then, Cleaver the Pit. Look for a box set of the game, version 2 I think, this coming Gencon!

Thanks for playing.

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