Friday, June 29, 2012

Here are two samples of the COLOR interior of the Players Handbook. This has all jazzed around here! Check 'em out.

The Worm Ouroboros is dead!  
The Worm Ouroboros, aka The BCS, is finally dead.  No longer will we 
be subjected to that evil monster of a system that stifled competition and logic by 
eating itself (and the members who comprise it).  From this day forward the King's 
Champion shall be crowned on the Field of Battle!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gencon is coming up in a few months. We'll be there of course. We are always there, 12 years now I think. We have pictures of many a gencon, the booth, the set up and the so and sos. I think this year I shall try to catalog the actual journey to Gencon. Its about 12 hours for us. We drive of course and often the most interesting stories come from the road...sometimes they don' the time Davis set himself on fire; or the other time our till money blew out the open window . . .

But this time, pictures from the wandering mendicants on their road to Gencon.

It would seem that scientists have been pondering the movement of galaxies for some time and come to the conclusion that our own Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies will collide with each other, merging together to form one large galaxy...or what in the army we used to call a cluster @*&#!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

There is a very interesting discussion going on about spot checks in C&C and in role playings games in general on the Castles & Crusades facebook page.

Alright I stumbled across this and thought it was funny has heck. I know its probably old fut for those who may have not seen it . . . like me . . .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Then there is always this crazy dude!

And all his women folk:

Of all the anthropological terms this is, by far, my favorite. I like to just say it, and I say it any chance I get: Australophithecus africanus! These folks figured out the bone flaking and the lumbar support for the women in their midst. They meandered about roughly 2-3 million years ago.

Need some serious game treatment with some early hominids! (this dude looks like Davis!)

Robert Ardrey was a huge proponent of the killer ape hypothesis. In short this hypothesis explores the rise of early man, equating his success to his ability to adapt to a drier climate through hunting; this developed on early man's killer instinct, an instinct that has guided us through pre-history to the present. He wrote some very interesting books, the Territorial Imperative and African Genesis.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook cover, its entering the final rounds.

Join us and support the Rosetta Stone for all RPGS!

Players Handbook.

Players Handbook. Kickstarter. 24 Hours to Go! Casey W Christofferson, Brian Young, Tom Tullis, Christina Stiles, Kenneth Goad, Ron Purvis, Paul Kidd. Spread the word. The Rosetta Stone of Gaming.


This has all the makings of a great science fiction/horror story. Titan, one of Saturn's moons and the only moon in our system with an atmosphere, has tropical lakes on it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Castles and Crusades 5th printing kickstarter closing down soon

Our kickstarter project for the 5th printing is coming to a close. For those of you who want to jump in on the elaborate per-order and get all the bennies of joint, the last chance to do so is rapidly closing down.


BONUS REWARD #1: When we reach $3500.00 all the PRINT versions of the Players Handbook will be autographed by Steve and Davis Chenault.

BONUS REWARD #2: When we reach $4000.00 we'll add an EXTRA Players Handbook to everyone who has pledged $40.00 or more. This will be unsigned, allowing your autographed copy to avoid the game table abuse!

BONUS REWARD #3: When we reach $5000.00 everyone who pledged $40.00 and $75.00 will be able to add one adventure module of your choice to your package! Everyone who pledges $125.00 and 150.00 and more will be able add 2 adventures to their package. Everyone who pledges $175.00 and above can add three adventure modules to their package.

Bonus Reward #4: When we reach $6000.00 the project is fully funded. At that point everyone who pledged over $125.00 will receive an exclusive signed, numbered full color print of the new Cover on matte board. Signatures will include The Brothers Chenault, Peter Bradley and the rarely seen Mr. Mac Golden.

BONUS REWARD #5: When we reach $12,500.00 for the Players Handbook 5, everyone who pledges $75.00 or more receives an exclusive set of dice, made by Crystal Caste. The set includes a d20, d12, d10, d8, FOUR d6 dice and a d4. On the six sider the lettering "5th Crusade" replaces the number 5. These dice are exclusive for this kickstarter project.

Jump while the jimpingm is good, we are at 12200 more or less.



In reading Sparta at War: Strategy, Tactics and Campaigns 550-362 BC I came across this interesting passage: "and Spartans devotion to Laconic speech - their peculiar form of eloquence, substituting pithy responses to lengthy discussions - produced . . . "

So not only did they kick the living hell out of everyone they fought, but they were smart asses while doing it?

So I watched Snow White this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I though that the story needed a little boosting and with about 20-30 minutes more screen time for the main characters this could have been achieved. But the magic in the movie and the settings are absolutely phenomenal. The magic might be the best I've ever seen on the big screen. Just. Down. Right. Cool.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I am off to see Snow White and The Huntsman shortly. This movie promises to be really, really cool.

We've been off kilter for about a week, wandering around the Beaches of southern Alabama; enjoying a little sun and surf. I forgot how much I enjoyed the surf. So to bring the Troll Den back to life I'm going to kick out some cosplay photos! Enjoy!

Is that Witchblade with the purse?

Weren't those shoulder pads popular in the 80s...I was in a haze for the better part of that decade, but I seem to remember giant shoulders.

Wow. Rescue me.

Finally! A cool vulcan!

What's up with all this dude's armor? I think men most not have the dexterity that women do, because women never seem to need all this armor...running around in bikinis and the like!

WTF? That gun is out of this world!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Greetings all. We have added a Bonus Reward to our Players Handbook Kickstarter Project! Help us bring this commemorative dice to the table!

BONUS REWARD #5: When we reach $12,500.00 for the Players Handbook 5, everyone who pledges $75.00 or more receives an exclusive set of dice, made by Crystal Caste. The set includes a d20, d12, d10, d8, FOUR d6 dice and a d4. On the six sider the lettering "5th Crusade" replaces the number 5. These dice are exclusive for this kickstarter project. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Saturday, June 02, 2012

THe taverr

The tavern in Alese is insufferably hot. Kai is inside, speaking to Trent and Anders, both garbed in thick black leather and wearing their swords. The tavern is cramped with just three men sitting around a table. The roof too low for much comfort. Though clausterphobic to Braelik, he enters the tavern carrying but his staff.

The Mist of Ahmanut swirl gingerly about Kai’s feet. There is a greater mist forming above his head. The boar’s head, Nifnut, the lord of war, the boar! Kai has yet to realize Nifnut is now guiding his strong arm and making him the warrior he is. He shall, perhaps soon, come to realize this.

The words of Kai make it clear that Nifnut has carried the day. “Strengthen the walls and bring all the men into the monestary. We carry the fight to uruk on the morrow and a you should expect reprisal.”

“We do not have enough men to hold the monestary,” Anders began saying.

“Have no fear Anders. Have faith in the Old Ones and they will protect you.” Braelik intoned and he walked to the table.

Trent looked up, skeptical, “I prefer a sharp sword and many men for protection.”

Braelik glanced down at Trent. The dragonfly whirled around him. Teestimik, the Lost One, the one who fears what the future holds. There is little Braelik can do to reassure him, so he does not bother.

“When do we leave Kai?”

“Before the sun rises, we cross the river and go down stream. I intend to cross and come back by tomorrow evening, and then we leave again on the following day. We repeat this until we are dead or there is nothing left of the uruk.”

“The gods will.” Bralik turned and left, heading back to the monestary.

Songs from the Drowned Lands ~ Kernaghan

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