Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its Shady Here

Peter is doing something or the other as is Mark.

I'm working on Shades of Mist, Shades of Mist and Shades of Mist. I didn't get to it once yesterday, so today is a Shadey day for me.

Thanks for playing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Green Grass & Blue Skies

Hope you all enjoyed some Marty Robbins. I noted Treebore did. I love those western tunes by the by! Need to find me Dean Martin song I used to have up here . . . .

Monday and Tuesday found us short of all supplies and Mark dropped me a long laundry list of things to get to keep us all happy. So I spent the better part of that time ordering equipment and office supplies. I also put a wrap on all the Crusader articles I was working on. Mark and Peter hammering away at what they do best, Davis working over A5 and scripting the notes for A6, so that I can write it.

Today I have some legal material to go over and revise, contracts and what not. After that its all eyes on Shades of Mist.

Peter is SUPPOSED to be working the CKG, but keeps getting interrupted by me and Mark is sorting through a host of outside print jobs.

Thanks for Playing

Friday, August 22, 2008

For the Weekend

Streets of Laredo.

Thanks for playing.

Friday on Tap

Mark: Shipping. Print shop on StarSiege.

Peter: Layout and design CKG.

Steve: Schedule for the next six months, update the message boards coming soon section, choose product support covers for Crusader, write Crusader magazine articles (got one done yesterday). And of course, process orders.

I should elaborate on the schedule, the fall was heavily geared for LA products and with those out of the picture we are filling in the gap. It is too late to get anything solicited as we have to do that 3 months out and I just now put in the Towers of Adventure solicitation. But, this respite will not go to waste. I will release a series of pdf adventures (Dwarven Glory 2, Dwarven Glory 3 and Monsters of Aihrde IV) and we will work on the CKG almost exclusively...along with Crusader articles and such. So the fall will be busy catch up and set us nicely for a really exciting Winter and Spring. Crusader is transitioning over to a monthly mag so it alone will hold a bit of the fort. But check the message boards this afternoon as this is what I'm right now.

Thanks for playing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On A Thursday Shining Brightly

Slow start for the day. I'm still a bit groggy.

Mark is printing StarSiege today and Murder of Crows for another company.

Peter continues to slug it out with the new C&C look and design....oh didn't I tell you?

I have some invoices to settle up, orders to process, and more Gencon business to settle. Meeting with McBain at 11ish to discuss location and time of WinterDark 3 which is making the official move to Little Rock Arkansas this winter. Once done I will file some papers of use with the patent and Trademark office and cement a trademark of ours (more on that in coming months, and its going to be bad ass!!). And then that clears admin for me: today, as I have failed two days running now, I need to write some Crusader articles, and the next installment of the Troll Cartoon for Crusader. This afternoon I'll go over Robert's outline for his section of the CKG and make notes for direction and combine my latest sections with Caseys. These will be turned over to Peter for art considertions....probably tomorrow.

Thanks for playing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Event's Horizon

All eyes on StarSiege Event Horizon. We'll wrap it up (read shrink wrapping) this week and begin shipping it out to retailers. We have opened it up for orders. So be sure to stop by your local shop and order it or pick it up on our site. This game is by the heroic Josh Chewning and is a damn sweet deal!!!

Mark is on half day today and will come in around noon to assess the damage done to the print shop and help with restocking and inventory.

Peter is working on Castle Keeper's Guide cover/layout and Inzae map apparently. haha

I will update some of the information on the message boards. Clean the office and begin inventory on the return stock from Gencon, tally sales reports and enter the data into my trusty battle wagon of a computer here. There's about 15 boxes of mixed material so it will take a moment or two. After this I'll prep the convention cases for the next convention and get them stored. Then a phone call to Jim and as I failed to write my articles for Crusader 12 yesterday I'll do at least one this afternoon. Also my alliance solicitations are over due and with luck I will get them in this afternoon.

Thanks for playing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gencon. The Return

This morning began with a trip to the schools that was interrupted with a very groggy me and my truck backed up to the print shop tossing boxes through the door. I had only unloaded have the wares yesterday and as the skies were clear and blue I left all the Players Handbooks and Monsters and Treasures in the back of the open truck...and of course it started raining. Ha! That'll leaarn me!

Gencon was another success. We had even growth off of last year and the booth stayed pretty busy. We had four new products this time around, Upper Works, StarSiege, Towers of Adventure and Crusader 11. All sold well. Upper Works flying on Thursday, but slow and steady StarSiege crept up, and though it didn't surpass it, it came very close. Towers was a third so in all a very good convention. I'll give more details in my upcoming Convention Blog for Crusader issue whatever Jim puts it in!

I want to put a thanks out to the fantastic TLG crew! These mofos worked like dogs both in the load up, trip up, set up, break down and back down the hill. Not to mention keeping shelves stocked, product in order, reacting to Davis and I product shifts, keeping the video streaming, running the register, and let us not forget the real work, continuing to sell a fantasy RPG (Castles & Crusades) to a community that already has one. That's hard work at times and the crew did an AMAZING job.

So a special thanks to:
Mark Sandy (you may not have seen him as much but he put in about 3 60 hour weeks to get these products to the floor)
Richard, Hudson, McBain
Jason, Breakdaddy, Alexander
Kim, AGNKim, Hartsfield
Jeffrey, Ghul, Talannian
James Mishlar
Ashely McKenney

This con was a great success and met all my targets! So a hearty thanks to all those cats who helped make is so...even those who somehow redeployed into my nightmares.

Tip of my hat to the great board members who showed: Storm Queen, very nice talking to you. Omote...who hammered Davis' game and I ran into at the Beaver, Gray Elf (we got work to do) and everyone else. McBain asked me and I agreed, if we could through a Pizza Party for board members next year. So we'll work it all out and let you all know where the free eats are!

Treebore has requested that we keep folks up to date about what we are doing here today.

Mark is off and sleeping after a grueling 3-4 weeks.

Peter is working on CKG cover layout.

I'm going to go unload the racking, store it and move some product about. I need to get an inventory on the PH and MT. Peter and I will discuss the layout of the CKG cover this afternoon and I'll balance all the books, deposits and get paychecks out. I have to go through and update ALL the d20 pages and put that stuff prominently for sell, this will of course include GFW as all the d20 has to be gone by year's end. These files have to be sent over to Brian Kowalski for cleaning and uploading. If I have time I'll write one of the 3 articles for Crusader I'm behind on. Need to call Jim Ward as well and discuss various and sundries about Crusader and Towers.

Thanks for Playing!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Shrink Wrapping
Packing UW boxes
all manner of stuff!!!

Busy in the Troll Dens for sure!

Thanks for Playing,

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