Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One Rule

Three million rules for the designers at the desk
Seven million for the masters at the table
Nine million for the players on the stage
One for the maker at his command
In the realm simplicity where clarity lies
One rule to usher them all, one rule to lead them
One rule to guide them all and in the confusion free them
in the land where bare knuckles lie

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Weekend is Upon You So . . .

Watch out for arrows!

Dragons on High

I feel as if my title above was misleading. There are no actual dragons in the picture posted below. However, I saw that picture and I thought it would make the great beginning to an adventure that involved dragons...it would be a high level adventure no doubt.

Something along the lines Reign of Fire!

Dance Moves from Ancient Rome...Well, sort of

I enjoyed this show. Insanely violent and bloody, lots of fun, basically it hit my requirements...
beautiful people doing extraordinary things. Enjoy!


Its the end of the series. Be careful.


It's Not Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

It's muther#(*&@#& Castles & Crusades! The original Bare Knuckles Role Playing. I was talking the game up to someone at Gencon and he said "It's just another version of..." But that's just not right. It's not another version of AD&D....
 It's an RPG that is so streamlined I can run a pick up game of 21 players and still have fast moving combats.

It's an RPG that you are able to guide the mechanics to fit the story.

It's an RPG that allows me to set up a table of 9 never before played people and be playing within 20 minutes.

It's fast, furious fun. Like two kids in California's Kubla Khan told me at 3 oclock in the morning after running a pick up game for them...It's Bare Knuckle Role Playing!

Monsters in the Bark!

Ha! No monsters here this is Winnie the Poos house in the hundred acre wood. I'll bet dollars to donuts that he's in there right now with his paw in the honey pot! Why, because he's winnie the muther $@*&#@ poo!





post script: That might not be true. The best fictional character ever might be Mad Max. Now that would be a movie worth watching: Mad Max: Winnie's Thunderdome!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2000 Year Old Spells

Archeologists have discovered tiny gold scrolls inscribed with all manner of writing in Serbia. They mention several named demons, but it is unlcear what they actually are.

What they actually are, is props in the below mentioned adventure I'm going to write called The Witch's Mirror.

Thank you ancient peoples of Serbia!

After a night of Castles & Crusades

The Witch's Mirror

First, that is going to be the title for my next Darkenfold Adventure.

Secondly, its going to involve this picture somehow.

Movie Trailer ~ Resident Evil the Final Chapter

I absolutely love these movies, especially Afterlife, the one with the giant axe wielding giant dude. They are cinematic operas! Motion, color, sound and living feel about them. Absolute fun.

Here's the trailer for the next one, though I don't like that "final chapter" bit, all things must, I suppose, come to an end.

There is a reason...

There is a reason that so many nations, from Rome, Russia, Austria-Hungary to the United States choose the Eagle as their national bird. It is a powerful creature. Decisive. Fearless in the face of uncertainty and utterly confident in its own abilities to achieve its end. Other birds, such at the turkey though fierce when cornered, run, hide, and depend upon camouflage for survival.

But all that, though true, pales in comparison to having a bad ass looking symbol and the Eagle is just simply bad ass!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kickstarter ENDS today!

We have slid into the last day of our Hallowed Oracle Kickstarter! We are down to a few scant hours. Its funded and grown far beyond what we intended. The main book is now in hardcover, the Players Guides has grown from 24 pages to a hardback book and is very close to tipping over the scales into an even larger book.

You can read all about it here.

Head on over and pledge!


Gencon 2016

I fully intended to live-blog from Gencon, but was quickly swallowed by my booth and didn't escape until sometime late Monday evening!

So much for live-blogging!

The con was great, our 17th to date and filled with all the things you have come to expect with Gencon. That said, there seems to be an ever growing number of very large vendors swallowing up more and more space.

A sign of the times!

The TLG Rig!

Memories from the Office of a Game Publisher – Office Space

Everywhere I look across social media I seem to be encountering two things. Economic news about the pending commercial real estate collapse,...