Monday, September 30, 2013

Its Finally Here

Hello Kitty Beer

What's Happening In Munich

This whole week  . . . .

Great News Offensively Put

So in reading this article on the invention of the light saber, which, it seems, some hard working knuckleheads (The Den's affectionate term for Scientists) have designed away to force photons to interactively co-exist . . . as they don't normally do, being the freedom loving bastards that they are . . . which in turn has allowed them to control where that lights goes, how far it travels and contain it on one localized field.

In short they invented this:

But in the article HERE this reporter, or one of his kind, had this to say: "Luke Skywalker and his ilk" in referencing the invention and the movie.

"Ilk?" Surely you jest Mr. Ben Child

The Roof of the World

Friday, September 27, 2013

Daily Cosplay (Wonder Woman)


The premier was last night, or night before last rather, and it did very well for the opening night, drawing some 12 million viewers, just under he Walking Dead season finale. Running an ABC these are very respectable numbers.

I've not managed a look at it so I cannot review it however, it seems the viewing public at least tuned in. We'll see next week if they keep coming back.

Gurden One Hand

Excerpts from the Codex of Aihrde

As the war raged on a host of goblins, led now by demons of the Red God, came to the gates of Magdul-Hohle in the Rhodope Mountains and called for the King to come forth.

He did. Gurden King, One Hand, was the first of his line by that name and had ruled in Magdul-Hohle for more than a century. He bore a double-headed hammer, the symbol of his house, laced with runes of power. He wore a small, heavy, iron helm, but carried no shield for he had lost his hand in the Kinship Disputes. A bronze plate, greaves for the arms and legs, and a skirt of chain served him for armor. He looked over the horde as they chittered and howled. When he spoke his voice carried the weight of stone and promise of death. "I am Gurden King." His words silenced the host. "Be off my doorstep, or suffer for it."

A foul looking demon, twisted coils of gray and fang, crept forward on many legs. "And what sufferance can you give oh Gurden One-Hand? Leave off my doorstep and begone from my halls lest you suffer for it."

Gurden unstrapped his hammer and dropped it to the ground between them, the fall of it shook the earth, and tis the said the echo carried even to the world within the world and made the dragon Inzae turn in her slumber. "Come closer foul one. I did not hear you clearly."

Fear took the creature and it coiled in upon itself, hissing softly, so that only these words were heard, "Not yours to command, One-Hand."

"Speak clearly foul one."

Movie Trailer ~ Thor (TV spot)

Curiosity's Trenches

Curiosity stopped to scoop up some dirt not too long ago, to analyze the content of the soil. It confirmed that the Martian soil has a great deal of water in it, clinging in small particles to the fine grained dirt. This of course is huge as it offers the promise of water-mining on Mars. Which leads eventually to terra-forming, which in turn leads to super heating the atmosphere to trap gases, which means we can live in Mars.

Its time to find the fountain of youth so we can be around when all this happens.

Great read on where we are and where we are going with this rover. Nasa.

Where Light May Fall

Islands in the Stre . . . Where'd that Come From?

A major earthquake struck Pakistan earlier this week. After it had passed residents of the town of Gwadar woke to discover that an island now lay just off the coast. Apparently the region is home to a large number of mud volcanoes and these crop up from time to time, pushed up by large deposits of methane beneath the surface. Within a few years to decades the islands are washed away by the sea. Similar volcanoes dot the landscape just beyond the coast.

This one has some rock on it and sand, but will probably wash away in time.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip

Armor Up (German Warrior)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily Cosplay


Okay, that is the first word to come out of the modern age that is really, really awesome sounding. That sounds something right out of a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick.

Bioprinting is the process where by specialists use 3D printers to generate human organs for replacement. "More human, than human, is our motto." It would seem that some companies have begun the first steps into this new field of medicine and industrial technology. The idea being that soon, if you need an new organ, skin graft or what have you that through bioprinting they can make you one.

They built scaffolds of the desired organs and then populate it with cellular tissue.

Bioprinting. Awesome.

I Can Fly!!

This is not some weird C&C monster but rather a cane toad eating a bat.

2 Days Off

And they started Octoberfest!

It opened up with a roar on the 21st of September. The celebrants gathering in the 10s of thousands in Munich to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig I to the Princess Therese. They gathered in the fields not far from Munich to toast the newly weds.

That was 180 years ago. It is now so very much more, but in short it is the world's largest fair, drawing over 6 million people.

Though we can't be there this year, the Trolls always join in on the fun, opening the tap at 10 in the AM during the 16 days (as opposed to the normal noon)!

Pulp Star Wars Action Figures!!!

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness

Okay, folks, it doesn't get much more awesome than these...




Click on any of those pictures, or the link at the top, to see them all! Awesome stuff!

Mountains at Night

Movie Trailer ~ Big Ass Spider

Gods of Egypt

There is a movie in the works I would love to see. Gods of Egypt. It is reportedly a tale in the same manner as Clash of the Titans but set in ancient Egypt. I love the Egyptians, ancient that is (not that I have anything against modern Egyptians per se), and I've always said they have the absolute coolest attire that man has ever created. From their casual fishing in the Nile clothes to their fancy serpent hats.

Awesome stuff.

Gerard Butler is in talks to play the role of the god Set in the coming film. That is just too cool.

Aint it Cool News.

Armor Up

Raffaele Picca

Gordon Gets his Own Show

Fox has placed a limited run series for Commissioner Gordon. The show focuses on a young Gordon, his life as a detective coming up through the ranks. There will be no Batman, but many of the villains will appear, their origins mired as they are in the filth of Gotham's past.

I've always loved the character of Gordon, particularly liked him in the latest Batman movies, played by   Gary Oldman, a fantastic actor.

Wait! That's not Gordon. But it sure is Oldman! From the Professional.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Return of Trolldog Maggie to her roots

After an almost two year hiatus, Trolldog Maggie and myself have returned to the original Trollden north annex, also known as Hardy, Arkansas.  Official business mixed with vacation have led us back to her favorite activities, mainly chasing rabbits and relaxing.  With my gimpy leg, she'll have to catch dinner as my fishing forays are severely limited.  But Trollden north is a good place to work and kick back and the view isn't too bad either...

Chasing rabbits is hard work and requires rest. And her blankie...

Movie Trailer ~ The Last Ship

Slow it Down

The folks over at the NASA/JPL need to slow the names down.

Curiosity is pushing his way across the Gale Crater to study the segmented rock of Mount Sharp in hopes of getting a better understanding of the long term Martian environment…wind and possible water erosion, as well as geothermal and seismic activity, etc. etc. The journey will take and has been taking several months.

In route they are stopping to study rock formations and other oddities that they are calling Waypoints. Waypoint 1 proved of little value and they have moved on, but the site itself took on the name Darwin.

Darwin? For some rocks? Come on, pick a lesser known science guy, like pick any one of the UN scientists, they aren't real scientists anyway. Or name it after thy guy who invented the Shady Hand . . .

But no reason to go all Darwin on us yet. Wait until you find something really cool to name it Darwin, like some pit that has the markings of primordial sludge or some such.

Darwin . . . .

Public Domain Superheroes!

Need inspiration for your game? In my last blog I discussed how superheroes are part and parcel of the classic pulps. The site above has over 1,000 public domain superheroes that you can use for inspiration for your pulp game. Click on the picture to go there--it's awesomesauce!

Curious as to how to do superheroes using Amazing Adventures? It can be done by thinking outside the box a bit with the Arcanist, Mentalist, and Gadgeteer classes--I'll be including full rules for that in a future sourcebook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Firefly Comicbook

It looks like Serenity flies again . . . in the comics. Picking up where the movie left off, right of Walsh's death, the new comic is being drawn by famed Buffy the Vampire artist Georges Jeanty. The script calls for the crew moving on soon after the movie; Zoe, heavily pregnant is distraught at her loss and Mal trying to hold the crew together and plunge back into the dark.

Sounds interesting, but it will be hard with out the Preacher and Walsh, both of whom check out in the movie as I recall.

But worth a gander.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Daily Cosplay

Timed Space Just Won't Fit

Physicists have buttressed a long held theory that space and time are not part of reality, at least how we normally define them. It would seem that the quantum theory that particles only interact with other particles that are adjacent to them breaks down under certain conditions involving gravity. This has made the role of time and space in questionable, suggesting that neither is a building block.

This theory has gained some traction with the discovery of the amplituhedron, a multi-faceted jewel-like construct that redefines the interaction of particles. This construct has been used for years to interpret particle interaction, but using it required mountains of diagrams drawn to interact with one another and trace the many interactions and possible interactions.

Recently two knuckleheads from Illinois . . . and by knuckleheads I mean award winning physicists Stephen Parke and Tommy Taylor . . . managed to simplify the process into one simple geometric equation which now allows for a much more rapid solution to what have been extraordinarily long equations. It still has not solved the gravity problem of course, but with the simplified approach it is, they say a matter of time or space . . . both really.

The world just changed, and we missed it.

Read the fantastic Quanta Magazine article by Natalie Wolchover.

We are one step closer.

Movie Trailer ~ Dracula 3D

3d is always hit or miss with me, but this has Rutger Hauer in it and as a fan of Bladerunner I am morally obligated to support anything he appears in.

Armor Up (Manhunt)

No Methane, Bad News

Curiosity continues to trek across the surface of the Red Planet. During his journey the rover has take a number of samples of Martian air, searching for a variety of indicators. One of the most important, or at least, of the most interest, is the amount of methane found in the atmosphere. This is important because methane is an indicator of life. Though its presence does not confirm life, its absence is a huge indicator that there is none.

Curiosity found no trace evidences of life, which leads us ever closer to the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, Mars has no life upon it.

Dangit! Sorry Dejah!

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