Friday, November 29, 2013

Daily Cosplay (Gears of War)

Sin City to the Small Screen

Looks like the next Sin City movie will roll into a tv series. Seems that the Wienstien company wants to roll out the tv series right after the release of Sin City a Dame to Kill For, which itself has been pushed back to June 2014.

It makes sense, with shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, the production value is on the smalls screen. Might as well!

There be Dragons

Michael Whelan

Why Don't Dwarves Bottle Beer?

Because when you tap off the cap of a beer bottle, the beer instantly transforms into a gushing title-wave of foamy waste!

When you strike the bottle cap it sends waves down through the bottle, these waves strike bubbles throughout the beer, causing the them to pulsate violently. The pulsating bubbles collapse and rapidly evolve into small mushroom clouds, these clouds rise to the surface, carrying a great deal of your beer with it.

Its why dwarves don't bottle beer.

Read on.

Jurassic Park, er Goat, er Goat Park

The Spaniards have decided to give another go at bringing back an local goat species that went extinct in 2000, the bucardo. The have a batch of cells frozen in liquid nitrogen that they want to use to make embryo celia cells to plant them in a fertile goat so that she can be the mother of the new species.

Read on.

Very cool and I wish them all the luck. If successful it will be a first step toward rescuing lots of species…which can have both good and bad consequences.

The Cauldron

Hunger Games Still On Fire

Hunger Games Catching Fire is headed into a 100 million dollar weekend, this is on top of its 306 million dollar opening weekend. I think it just slipped past Harry Potter. The nice thing about this movie is, well one of the nice things, is that it sticks pretty close to the books.

If you haven't seen it, go out and watch it. Its a blast.


Speaking of catching fire. It seems there is some chance that the comet ISON may have survived its trip around the sun. It was at first thought that this comet's maiden voyage around the sun was going to end in its demise, but some have noticed a small streak of light moving away from the sun. This may be the tell tail signs that she survived her brush with the sun.

Onward and forward!

That picture is of course not the picture of the escaping comet.

Movie Trailer ~ Box Trolls

I'm not sure what is going on here, but I feel like I should post, both because its a new movie that is something 'fantastic' and fall into our genre, but also it has "trolls" in the title and boxes too. I had to pull Davis Troll out of a box once in Milwaukee sot hat kind of applies too.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Daily Cosplay


I had a chance to see the trailer for Tarzan 3D. Its an animated flick coming this way soon. I like the animation well enough but they changed the origin story and then created some environmental angle. Only to be expected I guess.

But honestly Tarzan the Ape Man is one of the greatest stories ever told. It captures the essence of a country, a people, a time, a moment in history in this simple elegant tale of a boy raised in the primeval world. Burroughs dispenses with the lessons of the day, whatever philosophic axe some others sought to grind with similar tales, he sets aside and sees the primeval world for what it is: breathtaking in its beauty, astounding in its brutality.  Tarzan kills without thought or mercy, any who threaten his hunting, his tribe, his person, his mate. Never in cruelty, but never with a second thought to a moral quandary of what might be good or evil.

He is the primeval side of us all . . .

At the End of the World

Movie Trailer ~ Betty Page

Its all in that wink . . .

The Primeval

The Record is Scant

They have at last carbon dated a spear tip to a point much deeper in the world's history than that offered by the long arm of homo sapiens, by some 200,000 years. This either means we haven't found older homo sapiens bones or that our brother species, erectus, africanus, etc were using similar tools.

I think the obvious answer is both. It a big picture out there, and we haven't seen hardly any of it.

To article.

DareDevil To San Fran

Seems that Marvel has launched its Daredevil makeover, moving the devilish crusader to the east coast where he can continue his crime fighting ways.

The man without fear hits the dirty streets of San Francisco in March, 2014.

Armor Up (Dark Guard)

Office Cleaning in the Zombie Apocalypse

Monday, November 25, 2013

Daily Cosplay (Underworld)

The Omen . . . Er, Royal Family

I'm not even sure what to say about this, but it is a portrait commissioned by the Danish Royal family by the artist Kluge, apparently the set decorator for the movie The Omen.

Hunger Games & Dr. Who

I missed the  Dr. Who special, but it seems to have reaped over 10 million viewers, which is something else and then some. It was of course the 50th anniversary for Dr. Who and the special aired in over 90 countries from Botswana to Myanmar. It showed in over 1500 select movie theaters in the UK and US.

Now that is a hallmark! Trollzah to the Who Clan!

Also up, and this I did get the time to jump in on was the next installment for the Hunger Games, Catching Fire. We followed Catniss Everdeen into the second round of games and some mad cap battles. It did not disappoint, very good movie…minus the one dip shit that shouted at the end "that was a crappy ending! what happens next?" Clearly unaware.

But the box over split open for the movie, raking in over 300 million this weekend. Not a bad start for the series.

And apparently its going to be only a year of the next installment, set to come out next November, but sadly split into two movies.

The Net of Ea-raena, Ethereal Plane

Ea-Raena cast a wide net into the heavens and it bore her silvery light with it. The net settled across all there was in those days, but it grew with creation and it was known to sit atop all the world and those who studied such things knew how to pass into and travel the net.

~The Codex of Aihrde

Magic the Collecting

A Magic the Gathering Card, Alpha Black Lotus, sold on ebay this past weekend for 27000 and some change. That's pretty good for a card. There were an estimated 1100 of these cards made, of which not very man still exist.

But one happy collector has met one happy seller. Its a match made in ebay.

Gaga in Space

This might be slightly dated news, though I just stumbled across it.

Seems that the famed Lady Gage has signed up on Space Ship 2 to take one of the first civilian flights into outer space. She's even volunteered to sing a song as they tear up the atmosphere, which will be so different than her terrestrial singing that she's going to have to train her vocal chords for a month before she can carry a proper tune.

Be curious to see what she wears!

Armor Up (Viking)

The Ossuary

In the Czech Republic you'll find the Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church, where some 40,000 souls lie in rest.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Daily Cosplay

Sheesh, whose in charge of this blog!?

Sorry for the delays, we'll get back on track here soon! But in the meantime . . .

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Daily Cosplay (TifaStrife)

The Binding of Wenafar

The Binding of Wenafar
Unklar sought out Wenafar after a time and beseeched her to join him in his efforts. She was far seeing and held as one of the greatest of the Val-Eahrakun and spurned him, "Be off darkness, for you are the mot in his eye and bring pain to all you touch." But she did fully grasp the power of Unklar and had forgotten that it was the might of Thorax, Corthain and Mordius that had first driven Unklar into the Undeeps and she misjudged him.

In the north of the lands of Ursal lay a small mountain without consequence. The dwarves of old had built a hill fort upon its flanks but that they abandoned in the early days of the Kin Ship Disputes. Unklar came to this mountain and raised it up, burying the fort and all around in heaps of stone and fresh soil. He pulled water from the earth so that a mere gathered at the top and he set many trees to grow about it. The mere was deep and still and cold. It reflected the heavens above as would any mirror. It was the most beautiful of all the his makings. But its design was otherwise.

Into the water he set a powerful magic so that whomsoever looked into it lost all track of time and the passing of days had no meaning. And the whole mountain's top became a vale of beauty and danger. Creatures snared within it stayed until they died. He named it Monrudge and it was a prison and a trap for Wenafar.

Birds were Wenafar's greatest love and these made and set free. She watched over them and they were eyes and ears all over the world. And when she learned that some seemed to vanish from her sight upon the top of the mountain she stole away to it in secret.

Few were the places of Aihrde that Wenafar had no knowledge, but this was one. She knew it was of Unklar's making but saw many of her birds laying dead around the mere. She approached cautiously, but without fear, for she was a Val Eahrakun. That was her undoing, for when she cast her gaze into the deep waters and saw the light of the skies above her, she fell into a trance. Sitting down by the lake she marveled at its beauty and wondered at the heavens that were partially of her own devising.

And there she remained for many hundreds of years.

~The Codex of Aihrde

Life on the Gas Giant

Pretty cool. When we finally go to the Gas Giants, this is what life will be like....

You Probably Don't Need These

But they are passing strange and wandered into the almost pretty cool.

This is the leaf shoe from Pendragon Shoes. Its pretty cool. They have done leaf boots as well, but those were privately commissioned.

And here we have the armored hoodie, you can get it in multiple colors.

And of course the much sought after rabbit head hat for those of us who want to slip away and go down the rabbit hole.

Parking Might be a Problem

Well I'm pretty sure we saw this in some movie, maybe John Carter of Mars, it escapes me, but seems that some folks are thinking ahead when the world is suffering from the growing sun and resources are burnt off and scarce! (that was a long sentence)

But read on brave reader!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Daily Cosplay (Kasumi)

Movie Trailer ~ Beyond Outrage

I'm in! Title alone scores it for me!

The Dragon's Trail

When the All Father passed from the world, the Multiverse sprang into being and Wenafar set herself the task of lighting the evening’s sky, for in those days the world was flat and the Sun and Moon were not always present and the world was dark in this utter absence of light. Taking council with herself, Wenafar set to lighten the heavens with gentle flames and bring light into the darkness. She sought out Frafnog the dragon, and he, smitten with her great beauty and seeming wisdom set about the task with her. Taking thoughts from her mind she set them in the heavens. When at last she lay back, exhausted from her labors, Frafnog rose and breathed a great breath of flame and fire across the dark emptiness of the Void and lit the thoughts of Wenafar so that they burned in the sky with a brilliance that all could see. Where he passed the lights clustered thickest and this was called the dragon's trail. The whole world marveled, and evil things lay and hid for they knew not what strange portent this was. 

~The Codex of Aihrde

Songs from the Drowned Lands ~ Kernaghan

Recently I took a trip to New York (the city) and needed something to read that I could easily carry on the plane. I don't really buy pa...