Daily Cosplay (Emma Frost)

Movie Trailer ~ Godzilla

Sword and Sorcery notes part 5

Cosmic Companions (Horses)

Old Dead People

A Hermit's Cave in New England

Armor Up (Gunnarson)

Miinecraft the Movie

Sword and Sorcery note part four

Dejah Thoris returns to the comic world

Godzilla returns

Daily Cosplay

Harrison Ford saves Indiana Jones

Daily Cosplay

The Path of the Righteous

The Legend of Conan

Damage on a Miss

What lies in yon tower

Damage on A Miss or always hit

Daily Cosplay - nordica finishing

Codex Nordica Finishes!

Vikings! Kickstarter and Beer!

Codex Nordica

Shield Maiden

Codex Nordica Cover Art

Bewulf and the Dragon!

Daily Cosplay

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Sample from Codex Nordica

Beowulf in Original (a reading)

Skyrim Live Action

Armor Up

Final 2 Days for Codex Nordica Kickstarter!

Daily cosplay

Sword and Sorcery notes part 3

The unmade Dune Movie

Limestone Forest - Tsingy

Belit, my second favorite REH character

polearms versus zombies

New shapes discovered - srsly wtf

Daily Cosplay