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Falls of Areos


Map to Barsoom

Movie Trailer ~ Jupiter Ascending (2)

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How the Pteosaur Flew

Word of the Day -- Lochaber Axe

Armor Up (the Barbarian)

No Bad Advertising

Avengers Chitauri Toy

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The Chariot Kings

Stone on Downs

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Fermi Principle

Earth-Like Worlds

Armor Up

4000 Years Ago

Word of the Day -- Baldric

Pacific Rim Coming Back Around

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Antlers and Traders

The Rage of Gods

Kirby to the Supremes

I'm Not Sure this is a Good Idea

Armor Up (Celtic Chieftain)

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Predator Reboot

Word of the Day -- Scabbard

The Dwarven Glory

R.I.P Mr. Wallach

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Triceratops meet Mercuiceratops!