Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Troll Con and Beyond

Hey all from the Troll Dens,

It was a very good show, whole lot of fun. Lots of games, visiting and hanging out. The set up was nice and the show went smooth as butter.

A very hearty Thank You to Jim Ward, the 501st and everyone else. The Troll Crew did an excellent job running the show and I thank you from me to them: Richard, Excellent job! Breakdaddy, Todd, Brian, Mark, Davis and all. Great job.

But the real thanks goes out to the people from John Adams and family to Robert Miller and Family and all the Wichita guys and everyone else who took the time and money to spend a weekend with us here in Little Rock. A very kind thank you very much from me to you.

We'll get some wrap ups in the next few days out for Crusader and what not but suffice it to say it was a real fun time.

And the real good news is that its only going to get better.

Lots to do around here, lots more work to be done. Gods is a wrap, PH is a wrap and we are on to Tainted Lands and the CKG. Its all bore now for Gencon and the fall releases. Soooo, I'm going to take a week off and go to Montana and walk around the glaciers there and get my head cleared.

But when I get back on the 20th we are going to hit the ground running.

Trollzah! and remember its a Troll World After All....hahah

Thanks for playing,

ps: Davis and Mark are in charge while I'm gone. That should be fun. :)

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