Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out of the Office

I will be out of the office until Monday the 30th. I'm taking my family to the mountains for some R&R, but I'm also taking A6, Chapter 6 from the CKG and Heart of Glass with me in order to do some writing, editing and cleaning up while I am away from the mad hatter's race that is TLG.

Here's a little June for you and your weekend!

And really you have to check out a Day in the Life!


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Den is A Mess

Really. The Troll Dens are a mess. Papers are covering my desk, they have spilled on to the floor. A stack of Crusaders is sprawled out next to my chair. The file cabinet looks like it vomited its soul of files and papers. The adjoining counter and desk is covered with half finished projects from t-shirts, to rolled up maps, someone's safe and various and sundry bottles. The adjacent mail room is a confetti nightmare. The 10/5 sale has done very and swamped me and Mark. We sold out of all available M&Ts, (the last of the 2nd printings, about5 30 or so are coming in from the Warehouse, there were reserved for other sales but i'm pulling thme) DB4, A5 and a few others and are reprinting them. But paper, boxes, packing and tape lies everywhere. Its a mess. I shutter to think of what the print shop looks like.

But the day ended with me catching a terrible mistake in MT 3rd printing. The bid called for a round binding and TLG always does square binding. Fixed that, finished the cover and guts and its at last off to the printer. Now on to Gods and Monsters.

But Davis is coming in tonight to work so no real need to clean up as he'll explode across the office like a typhoon of mess.

Here's one of the bed time tunes I used to sing my youngsters...seriously.

Thanks for playing,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Graphing it all out

Alright, today is a good day so far! Mark is producing more graph paper as it is selling like madness. McBain and I had a productive conversation about Troll Con and are looking at an expanded guest list . . . we'll see on that, pretty exciting at any rate. I just finished Monsters of Aihrde IV and released it and will spend the rest of the day finalizing some things with the Monsters & Treasure, 3rd printing, and it will go off to press this afternoon.

Still digging my Oxygen.

Thanks for playing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesdays and Kill Time

The fight to keep time from overwhelming us is a hard one . . . .

Yesterday Breakdaddy reassembled the discombobulated computers in the print shop and got us back online and in business. A good thing by any stretch. Gave me an opportunity to clean the shop some in Mark's absence. Of course the highlight was Breakdaddy giving Todd a friendly punch in the stomach . . . Todd just had surgery on his guy last Friday. The groan was heard in the back of the shop. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

We just launched Crusader No. 13 on RPGNow. Be sure to pick that pdf if you haven't already. Of course you should really subscribe and join the Crusade now. A6 continues to get bumped on the roster, but hopefully it will get wrapped up tomorrow. I will launch Monsters of Aihrde IV on RPGNow sometime tomorrow. The last bit of art came in and it looks fantastic. Its the Mogrl by Mark Allen.

Hartsfield aka AGNKim, this one goes out to you!

Thanks for playing,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Launch Pad

Monday is off and running. Today we launched our fourth annual 10/5 March recession madness sale!!! Get 'em while you can. Some of these items, the PH and MT, are just not going to be around for least in these printings!

Also please note that the Monsters & Treasure 3rd printing is now available for sale! It is off to the printers sometime today or tomorrow!

We had a good weekend, I worked on several projects, most notable Monsters of Aihrde IV, Dwarven Glory III and Crusader 17. So with a little luck we can work through our computer problems and have this week luanch into space much like the space shuttle
Discovery did last night!!

Today I"m working on MT 3rd, Crusader 17 and Heart of Glass. Mark is wrestling with computers and machines as is Breakdaddy!

Thanks for playing,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bumpy Ride

Well this week unraveled a little.

On Wednesday we were having trouble with a file, thought the file was corrupt but it wasn't. Turns out we needed updated software. This put us way back on production as we have still not managed to get the software on there. Finally made Breakdaddy aware of it but it will be Monday before we get it online (note to Troll Self: call Breakdaddy first).

We have lots of website updates but Bryan is down with a horrible flu so none of that happened. Hopefully this weekend. Of course can't blame him too much as I was trying to get these files updated for Mark and didn't have time to even get him updates on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Peter got caught up wrapping up some other projects and we didn't get the Title Logo finished so M&T and Black Librum aren't press ready.

E-Con canceled, or sort of did, so we've pulled out for this year and will look to next year!

Lots of visitors in the office and too much conversation.

Its been a frustrating week to say the least. So I'm clocking out early, turning off the phone, shutting down IM and going to get to work cleaning up work spaces and getting ready for what promises to be a bumpy week next week!

So until Monday.....Death Proof SPOILER the end of this movie appears in this video!! Great Movie!

Thanks for Playing

Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Days Are Fine Days

Today was a good and productive day. Though things have stalled a little bit on the release front as A6 Of Banishment and Blight languishes on my desk we are moving forward on many other fronts. A productive meeting this weekend led to changes in the Barbarian, Illusionist and Monk class. Minor on the latter two but major on the first one which brings us a few steps closer to the 4th printing. Peter turned over Monsters and Treasure 3rd and I had a chance to look it over quite a bit. We had a good business cycle last week embarking on several joint ventures which will help our overall cash flow. I wrapped some of these up on Friday and today. All very good.

The new facebook page for Troll Con seems to be giving us a little traction and with that in mind Richard McBain and I had a productive meeting today which will see a greater emphasis on a number of conventions including Dragon Con this fall.

I have a growing amount of game material on my desk, day to day operations have not allowed me to tackle it as quickly as I would, but here are some of the items to see in the very near future: Monsters of Aihrde IV, the CKG, the aforementioned A6, Of Gods & Monsters, Heart of Glass and the Book of Familiars.

So things are moving at quick pace here in the dens, hope you all keep along for the ride.

Now for you listening pleasure: Oxygen.

Thanks for Playing,

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gary Con

The Trolls are off to Gary Con this Thursday night. We'll close up shop Thursday afternoon, load up in the truck and head off north Lake Geneva. After 12 hours or such, we'll come to the end of the road to meet old friends and toast our memories. I remember this time, just a year ago arriving in Lake Geneva, driving a car up from Chicago, stunned at the incomprehensible news.

Well, a year has come and gone and this old cowboy song comes to mind. So enjoy it and think of the Trolls treking north in the cold dark night to relive, if only for a few days.

The Blizzard

Thanks for playing,

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