Friday, September 28, 2018

The Meander

The path lies before you, a small snaking thing. It meanders into the wood with little fanfare, belying the dangers that lie at its end. ~ World of Aihrde

Monday, September 24, 2018

Tower Ruins

The ruins stood out in the summer sun. A white tower weathered with time, marking the extent of the realm of the Ethrum Kings. But it was not the tower alone that draws you, it's what lies beneath . . . .

Friday, September 07, 2018

The Castle in Ruins

At the last Unklar, the Horned God, came to the castle. In a dark cloud of rage he unmade the walls and cast all into ruin. Even so the King, Robert Luther, fought bravely on, matching his sword against the Darkness. But in the end he fell, and it is said that on that day, all the light went out in the world. ~ World of Aihrde

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Waters So Blue

The river ends in a deep pool of clear, blue water. Somewhere below lies the entrance to the Delvin Deeps. ~ The World of Aihrde

Memories from the Office of a Game Publisher – Office Space

Everywhere I look across social media I seem to be encountering two things. Economic news about the pending commercial real estate collapse,...