Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Cosplay

Troll Lord's Weekly Game

For those who might be interested, I've been posting a weekly recap of the official weekly game the Troll Lords run over on the facebook page. Its usually on Thursday (sometimes Wednesday). Check it out on Facebook Castles and Crusades.

Old Video Game Names

Here's a great romp on how video games got their names, from Pac Man to Tetris. We were almost playing PUCK MAN in those early video arcades.

Mental Floss.

Armor Porn

The Stuff Dreams are Made of . . .

 . . . Planck-scale quantum foam, or at least the universe. In Physical  Review Letters an article was recently published that discussed the arrival of 3 photons to this giant floating inter-stellar battle wagon we call earth. Their arrival, as a gang, has turned theoretical physics on its ear. Unbeknownst to me physicists have been attempting to unify Einsteins theories of a smooth space-time with quantum mechanics. For years they postulated that their are building blocks, blocks that disrupt the Einstein's smooth surface picture. This means that inter-galactic space travelers must be dispersed as they hit these blocks. Not so fast. These three knuckleheads arrived together, with different wavelengths and have been traveling thus for about 7 billion years. Einstein wins again!

Very interesting article, so read on!

Mount Sharp

As we sit here drinking our coffee and musing on what the weekend holds, Curiosity rolls slowly and deliberately across the lonely landscape of Mars. She is our long arm . . . .

Mount Sharp.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daily Cosplay

Armor Porn

Into the Great Empty

NASA has published a series of photographs from the Cassini spacecraft as it meanders around our big sister Saturn. These are some astounding clear images.

Check out the full run at

To Warm or Not to Warm

No matter which side of that crazy debate you are on this is an astoundingly beautiful picture.

Bend Over and Cough

It seems that while we were slaying orcs in the Darkenfold that Alaska's Mount Cleveland decided to cough up a little. On the 20th of this month the volcano experienced a minor eruption. Both of these photos are file photos.

I Am Rome

Homo Erectus was making tools about 1.8 million years ago. Axe heads are common finds in some sites, these tools were probably used to help break up animals, hacking off a leg and so forth; though undoubtedly it was a short leap to weapon use. Their origins are debated but north-east Africa remains at the top of the running. It is here that Erectus' tool use seems to have evolved. Though they ranged out to the Mediterranean basin and beyond. They wandered about with their neighbors homo habilis, who also used primitive tools, but are generally believed to have had access to scrapers and the like.

No doubt Erectus walloped a few Habilis from time to time. Fella's gotta eat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Armor Porn

For those of you

Who may have needed to cleanse your pallette from that last movie trailer. Here's some Heavy Metal . . .

Its Another Manic Monday

It looks The Day opens today, which is an odd day to open for any movie much less The Day, today that is. Had the movie been called Today this post would make no sense.

The movie isn't far behind, BUT it is the apocalypse and it has knives, guns and axes, everything is gray and there is lots of mayhem! Looks like a movie for me . . .

Find Vomit, Make Fortune

This is the type of story that warms the heart, a young man, on a wild adventure along at Hengistbury Head in southern England stumbled on something that looked like bread, but felt like a rock. Turns out it was neither, it was part of the hard rock candy mountain that is whale vomit. Apparently this stuff is used in women's perfume to keep the scent of it lingering.

Read on!

post script: Who figured that out? That whale vomit makes perfume last longer? Some dude really pissed at his girlfriend would be my guess.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art from Jason Walton

From the Forthcoming Town of Kalas Sandbox for C&C

Daily Cosplay

Iron Woman

Armor Porn

Now here ya go!  

Well now....

Someone needs to rebuild this. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland.

Bless me I think I will....Coming after Bent's Post in the Adventures on Powder River!

And Now for Something Completely Different

Stumbled on this while reading about the good shit of the apocalypse. It a discipline that studies the movement of language. Here they trace the Indo-European languages, locating its epicenter at either the Anatolian Peninsula (modern day Turkey) or further north, in the steppes beyond the Caspian Sea (southern Russia). This began about 10000 years put it in its historical context, it was just 70,000 years after those three cavemen found out how to make fire as noted yesterday.

The Economist.

UFO's Not very Exciting

For someone who discovered a UFO floating around the sun, or a hotel called the sun, or something or the other, this guy doesn't sound very excited at all.

Hasn't he seen Predator?!?!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Cosplay

Marx Toys

The best toys ever made by man or god were created by the Marx Toy Company. They did everything form soldiers to cavemen, from vikings to cars. Here are pieces of Davis' favorite set brought to life.

  This last one is actually Davis at work.

Armor Porn

Wandering About

I have a feeling our early ancestors wandered around ALOT more than the fossil record suggests. Here we have the dates pushed back by 20000 years in the SE Asian region. They've found a skull in Laos that is up to 63000 years old.

These guys had alot of time on their hand and could have wandered alot, especially if they were on a Quest for Fire!

Read on.

Quest for Fire...and Shoes

Quest for Fire chronicles the journey of 3 no-lythic adventurers as they attempt to find fire for their people. The movie opens with a peaceful narrative of early man, camping out and frying fish. The individual natures of the cavemen are highlighted in several really cool scenes. Soon they are attacked by a bunch of similar looking ape like creatures...I'm pretty sure these are communists, as they were all gray looking...and these bone heads kill a bunch of the cave dwellers and force the rest into flight where they loose their fire. Once lost it must be regained. So three worthies take off into the wilderness and meet some fine young cannibals, beat the crap out of them and they start walking with shake off the fine young cannibals. In the end they learn the secret of fire form some sex starved pygmies and go home...but not before one gets mauled by a bear.

It really punctuates how difficult finding fire was for our early ancestors, as well as shoes.

Evil's Legacy!

So I'm really looking forward to this movie. I've enjoyed everyone of the films in the franchise to date, some more than others, but all of them have been rocking. The water battle scene with the exterminator in the last movie was through the roof bad ass!

Here is a legacy piece to catch you up....

Friday, August 24, 2012

Armor Porn

It doesn't get any better . . . .

Right Out of Gary's Handbook

This little bastard isn't so little. They measure up to 3 inches wide and each of their eight legs have raptor-like claws on them. That's a big, wicked looking spider. Plus he has a couple of beer sacks on his mandibles...that's to keep him hydrated because rending you is hard work!

Read on!

Daily Cosplay

All This Universe Talk Reminded Me

Of the greatest movie ever made. Dark Star! This is the end of it, so be prepared for a major spoiler if you've not seen it before.

I'll Have One on the Rocks

So it would seem that some physicists believe the universe is something akin to a liquid. The big bang...a name I've always disliked, preferring something a little more dramatic, such as mattergasm...drove energy in a howling mesh of madness outward, creating the multidimensional matrix we call home. Its being postulated by some that the matrix is actually closer to a liquid, and as it settled, it froze into the dimensions we know, time, space, etc. As with any frozen liquid, it should crack. The challenge now is to find the cracks.

That's a whole bunch of ice....or something. Read on!

Plitvice, Croatia

This is the place our imaginations yearn for . . . .

And in Winter's Grasp . . . .

Songs from the Drowned Lands ~ Kernaghan

Recently I took a trip to New York (the city) and needed something to read that I could easily carry on the plane. I don't really buy pa...