With which they conquered the Sea!

Even before the Vikings settled Greenland . . .

When the World was Warmer Still

Death Valley set to spew more Death

Game of thrones season 2 teaser

Boy toy of the year

Toys aren't for kids

Existance explained in 105 pages - for reals

Medieval Castle in the Ozarks

Supernova detection is a go

Dinosaurs in 3d for the iPad

Music afternoon

They have discovered Ngorondoro The Goblin Cave


Its not often a movie . . .

World's oldest dino nest discovered

What in the world is that

Imagine this for REALS

Unholy Savings

Dog bites Archaeologist

Troll Con planning

Rethinking some adventure material

Solar Storm Coming Take Cover Now

The Classic Hero, an RPG missing link?

star Wars the "director's cut" released again

cool Sci Fi Posters

Philosophy is dead, dead, dead

Walk the Line ... to Stonehenge

Man eating Tulips found in Burgess Shale

Termite Awesauce

If a castle can be sold, then the Acroplis can be rented

Popcorn is 6000 years old today

In a Perfect World . . .

Electrons dance and spin for our computing pleasure

Pirating material

Project Avalon, Project Camelot, Project WTF


Steve's assessment of the internet


Inca had no economy.

Castle for Sale - with cool maps

tree houses or gnome home

It was a dark time with many skeletons about

The Viking Sword (sword porn)

Battle of Grunwald (largest medieval battle ever) - in Legomotion

Mad Max returns

Romans hated their dead

Evolution in YOUR face - or why all orcs look alike

The Honey badger

Almost Store Wide Sale C&C Sale

Death in the Treklant

Castle and Crusade Screens product test with sword


Planets as common as orcs in rpgs

Mechanical Stories

On Sale NOW

Tears in Rain

what is it about space

Elder Scrolls

New Cover for A Lion in the Ropes

Wargames, I have a thought

Hobbit "Misty Mountain" song - 25 minutes A+

Adventure time!

Trolls Tusk

Rune Tiles

One Person changes the WORLD for EVER

Dark Matter found and mapped