Monday, January 30, 2012

Toys aren't for kids

We've been hearing it for a decade ot two. Kids love video games whether on console, tv or at the arcade. Scratch that. Are there anymore arcades left in the world. That's beside the point.

Boom. Doom.

Kids just ain't playing with physoical toys as much these days. Whether for good or ill, its just the march of change. Where does that leave the tabletop rpg? The table top might be heading out the window. However, the game may just go virtual.

Actually, that's where I think it is going. The technology is not quite there yet,but I imagine a day where I am sitting in a lounger, outside, by a fire with a console attached to the chair. I am scrolling though images to create an encounter that shows up on a 3d board for other's to see.


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