Monday, January 23, 2012

The Classic Hero, an RPG missing link?

So, the recent news of 5e's release has generated much discussion across the boards and blogs in the rpg world. A good sized portion of the discussions and ruminations concern the nature of The Game. What I find interesting are the descriptions of people's games and preferences in play and style. This has always fascinated me. Why do we play rpgs?

A long time ago I put pen to paper and started to generate some ideas about collective story telling, modern myth making and the roll rpgs play in filling an 'empty mythic shoe box.' My contention was that we played rpgs to 'be' heroes. By that, I do not mean we experience being a hero vicariously, rather, that we tell the story of a hero to fill in the gaps of a mythic landscape bereft of heroes - at least in part.

I am thinking maybe I am wrong. We play rpgs for something entirely different and the 'mythic shoe box' may, by accident find some articles floating in it, but by no means is filling it the primary reason we play.

Think of the character you played or types of characters you enjoy playing. Think of the types of adventures you like to undertake. Do your characters fall into any of the classic hero molds? Are there actions and adventures those of a hero?

Classic Heroes

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