Friday, January 27, 2012

Dinosaurs in 3d for the iPad

A new app for the iPad allows you to explore the world of the Dinosaurs in 3d.
A fully-interactive digital dinosaur encyclopedia, Inside the World of Dinosaurs leverages all the multimedia capabilities of the iPad to engage everyone from paleontologists, to school students, and even fans of 'Jurassic Park' or BBC's 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

It features all the discovered species from A to Z - from Archeopteryx to Zuniceratops - and a library of 60 fully animated and interactive dinosaurs. You can touch 3D images of the beasts to look at details that pique your interest.

For example, you can analyze skin texture and color by spinning the dinosaur around and zooming in on some areas.

More here. 

The app is somewhere in the education section

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