Friday, January 13, 2012

Death in the Treklant


demicorn said...

I'm going with, "translate this and get 100 free modules." or the more obvious "Death in the Treklant"

Troll Lord said...

Indervoot gate vakhund ah

I don't know how to put all those diacrtictationblah stuff marks

Indervagt gate vakhund ah

Indergeel gate vakhund ah

Indervoot gate vakhund een said...

Obviously, this is southern and/or redneck language being spoken. It ("Indervoot gettavokhunda") would, if spoken distinctly, say

"Ender's Foot, get a frog Honda."

Evidently a line from an Orson Scott Card novel, in which a stereotyped Southern Sheriff is speaking to the hero's foot about a hybrid Japanese car or motorcycle.

Omote said...

I'm going to go with...

"So long as the waters last!"

What do I win? ;)