Monday, January 09, 2012

Last night (and Saturday) I had the pleasure of running a game with a bunch of youngsters. No one at the table was over 12. They had a blast. It took these kids about 10 minutes to master the Siege Engine and get started. All of them love and play video games, but they were fired up about it. We played Saturday and all day Sunday they bugged me about running another one.

It was alot of fun!

What was even more cool I did it with the new C&C Landscape screens! It was absolutely awesome. The screens only stand 8 inches tall, both bi-fold screens are made from 90 pt chip board and wrapped in some kick butt art by Peter Bradley.

We were pleased enough about the screens to go ahead and open them up for orders. They begin shipping immediately. Trollzah!


Steve Moss said...

Are there any photos of the screens?

Steve Moss said...
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Troll Lord said...

I'll get some up. I took some but they are horrible, will get better off the screen shots from the movies we took of a game we were running this weekend. They stand a little taller than a Dr. Pepper can.