Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Curt meet Bare Knuckles Role Playing

I have no idea what is going on around here. I've been back from Dundracon for several days...10 I think, and I still can't get my head on straight. California always does this to me. I come back dazed and confused. Flying into San Fran is strange. At this time of year it seems to be a GIANT golf course. The hills and valleys are covered in this lush, picture perfect green grass. Cows are wandering about in vales and the like. A few burbs here and there and then water, marshland and you land at Oakland. It seems so peaceful and serene. Then you get off the airport and there are 17500 people crammed into a small box sized terminal. Its quite shocking to my system. :)

Its a great place though, going through a couple of bumps right now.

But the con was fair to middling sales wise. I did what I expected us to do, but for all that you'll have to read my Convention Blog on in 16. I'll keep it short. I would like to say that I had an interesting encounter on Monday (con runs through George Washington Day... I refuse to call it President's Day, Lincoln did some great things, but Washington is OUR FOUNDING FATHER).

I was sitting at the booth, hum drumming the morning away when a fella came up and asked if I had anything to do with the company and C&C in particular. I said, "A little. I run the company and helped design/write the game." He said, "Great! I wanted to talk to someone about it." I'm going to paraphrase but he went on to tell me that he had bought the books yesterday from a dark haired guy (I though, Luke! Good job Luke!). Then he continued with how he read it over and was very disappointed, it looked like a 3.5 knock off. (Dirn it Luke! Curse you for selling this guy the books!). And he tossed it in his bag. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, the I want my money back shoe. Which truthfully, noone has ever asked for their money back.

Well, he goes on to relate how at 1 a.m. the previous night he and his buds had nothing to play. The con was a loss because the several games he signed up for hadn't panned out. So they pulled these C&C books out and decided to give them a whirl. He then said, "This game is Awesome!" We started playing on the table, using the table cloth for our character sheets, no screens, no nothing but some dice, hotel pencils and the PH and MT. He said it was fast and fun and let him and the players really stretch their RP muscles. He was very excited and jumped into the spritit of the game immediately.

It was a great encounter and jazzed me up to no ends. On top of a slow weekend this was the perfect ending. He showed me the table where the paper table cloth was, with the characters scribbled out on it. I asked if he minded if I took it and he didn't care so I did. I have it here and am going to get some photos up shortly!

It was a great encounter. The dude's name was Curt something or the other, I didn't catch. But to him I tip my hat! Thanks for playing the game Bare Knuckle Style.

Thanks for playing

Ps I somehow disabled spell correct on this blog, so my spelling will be normal. Brian??? Jason??? hahahha

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

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