Movie - Sicario

Word of the Day -- Druid

The Nature of Time

Little Nightmares 2: He Took HER!!

The Druid, Art from the C&C Players Handbook, 8

Upon the Sea of Your Mind

Must Watch another short

Short Movie excellent

Movie Trailer: The Last Duel

The Height of Human Architectural Achievment

Word of the Day -- Ampersand

Art from the Players Handbook (C&C, 8th printing)

Gabled Roofs and Castle Walls

Best Site Today - explore a tomb in 3d

Heads Up: At the Movies!

Word of the Day -- hobnob

Iterdimensional Travel is as easy peasy as eating pie

Word of the Day -- Encumber

A Blast from the TLG Past (Gygax and d20)

Fighter (Female, C&C Players Handbook, 8th Printing)

The Press of Arms


Word of the Day -- Tabard

The Barbarian (C&C PHB, 8th Printing)

The Tragedy of Macbeth

How the Fighter Is (well in my mind)

Erde Map on Ebay

Word of the Day -- Halberd

Where the Hammer Fell

New Players Handbook Art!

Word of the Day -- Sophomoric

Poison - the preferred trap

Akad! Gnoll God of Destruction

Shadowgrove Forest! Like Nothing You've Seen Before

Word of the Day -- Luthier

Choose your weapon wisely

Beer.... Always and Forever

Resident Evil Afterlife (Best Scene)

The Assassin: Art from the C&C PHB 8th printing

Funcom Buys Cabinet! Conan has a New Home

Beyond the Waves

A Fighter's Grill

Movie Review - Dark Tower

Word of the Day -- Moat

Brilliant - the five room dungeon

Word of the Day -- Jocund

How big are wolves - pretty freaking big

A Blast from the Heavy Metal Past

The Rogue C&C 8th Printing

Winged Hussars