Thursday, September 02, 2021

Word of the Day -- Codswallop

Some might argue this entry, or indeed the whole blog, is codswallop.  I would disagree of course... :-)

Codswallop -- words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas; drivel

There are a whole bunch of words that can be used to describe language that is unintelligible or having no meaning.  Which is kind of ironic I think.  So many words to describe nothing worth talking about.  Most of what I read in high school seemed like codswallop.  I wonder if text books have gotten any better since then?  I doubt it...

Rumor has it that this 20th century British coinage was originally a derogatory name for products of one Hiram Codd, a 19th-century manufacturer of soft drinks. (Wallop is a colloquial term for "beer.") Evidence to back the story does not exist, though, and the origin of codswallop remains unknown.

Which basically means that rumor is a whole bunch of codswallop! 

 Source: Merriam Webster

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