Shadowgrove Forest! Like Nothing You've Seen Before

Dragonlock Shadowgrove Forest from Fat Dragon Games is back on Kickstarter! This set is beyond cool, with moving parts, traps and all manner of cool little nuance! Back it. Print it. Game! This kickstarter is just damned cool. It is live. Funded and roaring toward her first stretch goals. 

Fat Dragon began in paper terrain and several years ago they picked up on the growing 3D print market. Tom Tullis, Pres of FDG, quickly launched a 3D print line, replacing the paper. Taking all of his skill and graphic design (he used to paint museum quality WW2 planes for a variety of publications) he has created some of the most realistic looking, cool and innovative material out there. If you aren't familiar with 3D printing they have a whole youtube channel devoted to helping you out. 

So check it out. Bring terrain to your game like never before!

Here are a couple images you can see on the Kickstarter and have rockin at your game. There's more on the KS page.