Monday, February 26, 2007

Tid bits from Last week

Had a bumpy recovery after Dundracon. I have the full con report coming, but suffice it to say that my Monday night flight from Dallas to Little Rock canceled at about 9 p.m. The help desk was of no use and the lines too long for me to keep going back. Though they offered me a flight the next day, the arrival time of 5 p.m. was far too late. So I made my way over to the car rental, rented a car and drove to Little Rock. I got in Tuesday about 4 in the a.m. This of course left me sleeping much of Tuesday. But after that, last week got real busy with lots of shipping (Vakhund, Crusader 5 and Screens), I proceeded to work on Crusader 6 and Davis on Usurpers (amongst other projects) and Peter started wrapping up Deeper Darkness so we could make our March release date for that module. I’m way behind on the web page updates and other various and sundry projects . . . these cons are fun but they can sap the time right out of a busy work week. Should be caught up by week's end.

In other news I’m going to try to update this blog more often. Maybe in the mornings or some such while I'm making my rounds on the news wires and catching myself up with the latest anti . . . . err, I better stop there.

Interesting link: The Will To Win.


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