Friday, April 10, 2009

A Lion in Winter

Well its been a crazy two weeks since my last post. We've been working like mad around with little direction. We've tackled projects like The Black Librum of Naratus, The Castle Keeper's Guide, Monsters & Treasure, Tainted Lands, Crusadser 17, Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde, A6 Of Banishment & Blight and the 4th Printing of the Players Handbook. Too many loose ends and too many attempts to tie them all up nicely have left us a bit off key.

So we are going to regroup this weekend and get back into order. Black Librum's final should be on my desk on Monday as will Crusader 17 A6 has undergone a major revision and must needs be playtested again, so it will head to playtesting on Monday or Tuesday. M&T 3rd Printing is off to print with proofs approved. Other projects will be set aside and all attention given to the CKG.

So hoping that next week calms a bit and allows us to keep a little more focus.

Now enjoy a little of a great piece of music (not country this time I promise).

Thanks for playing.

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