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The Andanuth (Codex of Aihrde)

Frazetta "Wolves"

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Germany is Airborn

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Shatner's Back

Daily Cosplay

Its in the Funny Pages (comic growth)


Amazing Adventures Kickstarter (LAST DAY)


Movie Trailer ~ Babadook (new)

Word of the Day -- Film Noir

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Do They Teach in School

A World that Never Was

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Of the Binding of the Sun & Moon

Movie Trailer ~ Jupiter Ascending (new)

Kickstarter! Final Weekend!

Flames of Stone

Ill Prepared

An Oasis in the Undeeps

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To Isengard! (Tolkien Reads)

Word of the Day -- Neutrino

Get Off the Train!

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The Weight of Things Wonderful

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Movie Trailer ~ A Walk Among the Tombstones

Dang Romans

Music from Season 4 Walking Dead

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The Call Me Trinity

Word of the Day -- Sextant