Monday, September 06, 2021

Word of the Day -- Perspicacious

This is a $5 word for sure.  That's what my thesis advisor would accuse me of using on occasion. He would quote Twain: "Never use a $5 word when a 50 cent one will do.  

I sometimes struggle with words, trying to find just the right word, or an obscure one that I can dredge up out of my brain.  I don't know what I do this, probably because I just love words.  Funnily enough, I don't really love language.  I mean, I love books, I love poetry, but to say I love language more than words, that's just not the case.  I like the sound of a word all by itself.  Such as in today's word:

Perspicacious -- of acute mental vision or discernment; keen, clever

The first time I read that word I butchered the pronunciation.  Here's how it should sound:
ˌpər-spə-ˈkā-shəs but I think the first time I tried it sounded like I had a bunch of marbles in my mouth.

The word has been around a long time, mid 17th century I think.  And like a lot of really awesome words, it comes from Latin.  Go try it out for your self and see how perspicacious people think you are! :-)

Have a great Monday, folks.  

Definition and pronunciation from Merriam-Webster.  

Book can be found here.

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