Saturday, January 21, 2012

Walk the Line ... to Stonehenge

It would seem that people have been walking for a long time, and over long distances. They have discovered through studying isotopes in various bones at Stonehenge (or in common parlance, that big thing with all the blocks) that some of the people buried there came from the Mediterranean area, in 1500 BC and maybe before. That means they either walked on their own volition or were carted there via the slave trade. But the article poses the idea that Stonehenge attracted people from many diverse regions.

Very interesting article over at Adventures in Archeology.

Of course its always a little arrogant for us to assume, because the distances are daunting to us, that early bronze age cultures found such distances daunting. They may have taken a summer jaunt up to visit their aunt's inlaws. Who can say where the bronze age is concerned.

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