Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wargames, I have a thought

So, I noticed a thread over on our boards about board games and it got me to thinking. I designed a board game last year. It is a war game board game. It has some cool elements to it like construction of troops, troop feeding, raiding, heroes, random events etc and lots of troops. The game was initially designed as a war for the conquest of Airdhe.

The concept was simple and akin to risk in its broad scope and initial appearance. However, it plays much differently. A player builds troops with resources acquired form each province they own. Thing is, the resources have to be moved to the production centers. This alone made for some interesting strategies in play as the movement of resources without troop escort left them open to raids but spreading troops out too thinly produced a weak army set up. Anyway. once a troops is built, it also has to be fed! So there was a lot of resource movement.

The conquest of terrain was important to get more resources and build deeper defenses. Its also how one wins - the more one owns the more points one has. Terrain grabbing was strategic as resource types are limited by terrain and some really bizarre kingdoms were created. Also, choke points and such were quickly sought after and battled over.

Combat is via a chart like in the olden days of gaming. Rolls are effected by leadership and tactical cards as well. I toyed with terrain effects also.

Ohh another interesting aspect was secret armies. The size of an army need not always be revealed (unless a spy got to it).

Fun game. Steve and I are thinking about producing it.

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