Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Went and watched Tin Tin last night. A very good movie and highly recommended. It has plenty of action and some really cool shots...the canon balls firing through the ocean waves were particularly cool. But the overall movie was as good a yarn as can be. Lots of fun!

The movie is based on the character from the comic strips Herge's Adventures of Tintin from the 1950s. Updated with a more modern look (though still placed in the '50s) the animation is through the roof cool. The character is a teenager (aka hardy boys) journalist who gets himself into many a fix to figure out the story of the Hadoc's Unicorn, a 17th century man of war. From tommy guns to car chases, fist o cuffs and more its pretty cool. But the real cool part was the flash back battle between the Unicorn and pirates.

Highly recommended!

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