Spartans do it Again

Not only did they slow Xerxes advance at the Hot Gates and lead the Greek coalition at Platee where the Persians were utterly defeated and their army routed; but it seems to the Spartans goes the first honor of an Olympic medal to a female constestent.

Cynisca the sister of a Spartan King and won the 4 horse chariot races in 396 and 392. Not that she was able to drive the chariot, but she did manage and train the team of men that did.

And like a Spartan she had this to say:
Kings of Sparta are my father and brothers
Kyniska, victorious with a chariot of swift-footed horses,
have erected this statue. I declare myself the only woman
in all Hellas to have won this crown.
Apelleas son of Kallikles made it.