On A Thursday Shining Brightly

Slow start for the day. I'm still a bit groggy.

Mark is printing StarSiege today and Murder of Crows for another company.

Peter continues to slug it out with the new C&C look and design....oh didn't I tell you?

I have some invoices to settle up, orders to process, and more Gencon business to settle. Meeting with McBain at 11ish to discuss location and time of WinterDark 3 which is making the official move to Little Rock Arkansas this winter. Once done I will file some papers of use with the patent and Trademark office and cement a trademark of ours (more on that in coming months, and its going to be bad ass!!). And then that clears admin for me: today, as I have failed two days running now, I need to write some Crusader articles, and the next installment of the Troll Cartoon for Crusader. This afternoon I'll go over Robert's outline for his section of the CKG and make notes for direction and combine my latest sections with Caseys. These will be turned over to Peter for art considertions....probably tomorrow.

Thanks for playing.