Friday on Tap

Mark: Shipping. Print shop on StarSiege.

Peter: Layout and design CKG.

Steve: Schedule for the next six months, update the message boards coming soon section, choose product support covers for Crusader, write Crusader magazine articles (got one done yesterday). And of course, process orders.

I should elaborate on the schedule, the fall was heavily geared for LA products and with those out of the picture we are filling in the gap. It is too late to get anything solicited as we have to do that 3 months out and I just now put in the Towers of Adventure solicitation. But, this respite will not go to waste. I will release a series of pdf adventures (Dwarven Glory 2, Dwarven Glory 3 and Monsters of Aihrde IV) and we will work on the CKG almost exclusively...along with Crusader articles and such. So the fall will be busy catch up and set us nicely for a really exciting Winter and Spring. Crusader is transitioning over to a monthly mag so it alone will hold a bit of the fort. But check the message boards this afternoon as this is what I'm right now.

Thanks for playing.