Gencon. The Return

This morning began with a trip to the schools that was interrupted with a very groggy me and my truck backed up to the print shop tossing boxes through the door. I had only unloaded have the wares yesterday and as the skies were clear and blue I left all the Players Handbooks and Monsters and Treasures in the back of the open truck...and of course it started raining. Ha! That'll leaarn me!

Gencon was another success. We had even growth off of last year and the booth stayed pretty busy. We had four new products this time around, Upper Works, StarSiege, Towers of Adventure and Crusader 11. All sold well. Upper Works flying on Thursday, but slow and steady StarSiege crept up, and though it didn't surpass it, it came very close. Towers was a third so in all a very good convention. I'll give more details in my upcoming Convention Blog for Crusader issue whatever Jim puts it in!

I want to put a thanks out to the fantastic TLG crew! These mofos worked like dogs both in the load up, trip up, set up, break down and back down the hill. Not to mention keeping shelves stocked, product in order, reacting to Davis and I product shifts, keeping the video streaming, running the register, and let us not forget the real work, continuing to sell a fantasy RPG (Castles & Crusades) to a community that already has one. That's hard work at times and the crew did an AMAZING job.

So a special thanks to:
Mark Sandy (you may not have seen him as much but he put in about 3 60 hour weeks to get these products to the floor)
Richard, Hudson, McBain
Jason, Breakdaddy, Alexander
Kim, AGNKim, Hartsfield
Jeffrey, Ghul, Talannian
James Mishlar
Ashely McKenney

This con was a great success and met all my targets! So a hearty thanks to all those cats who helped make is so...even those who somehow redeployed into my nightmares.

Tip of my hat to the great board members who showed: Storm Queen, very nice talking to you. Omote...who hammered Davis' game and I ran into at the Beaver, Gray Elf (we got work to do) and everyone else. McBain asked me and I agreed, if we could through a Pizza Party for board members next year. So we'll work it all out and let you all know where the free eats are!

Treebore has requested that we keep folks up to date about what we are doing here today.

Mark is off and sleeping after a grueling 3-4 weeks.

Peter is working on CKG cover layout.

I'm going to go unload the racking, store it and move some product about. I need to get an inventory on the PH and MT. Peter and I will discuss the layout of the CKG cover this afternoon and I'll balance all the books, deposits and get paychecks out. I have to go through and update ALL the d20 pages and put that stuff prominently for sell, this will of course include GFW as all the d20 has to be gone by year's end. These files have to be sent over to Brian Kowalski for cleaning and uploading. If I have time I'll write one of the 3 articles for Crusader I'm behind on. Need to call Jim Ward as well and discuss various and sundries about Crusader and Towers.

Thanks for Playing!


Joseph said…
And those Upper Works pre-orders will be sent off in the mail, right?

Will Mistretta said…


Josh said…
Man, I don't even gen an honorable mention in this report?! See if I carry your drunk ass up eight flights of stairs again! :D
Troll Lord said…

Josh was indeed the man of the hour. On Friday night I found myself in very merry company, Josh and crew, but later I was stricken with some ailment that forced me to lie down on the sidewalk for a spell. Once down my boots wouldn't work for me so Josh drug my carcass through the streets of Indie and up 8 flights of stairs. I never would have made it without him! Really!! Trollzah for go buy his game!