Event's Horizon

All eyes on StarSiege Event Horizon. We'll wrap it up (read shrink wrapping) this week and begin shipping it out to retailers. We have opened it up for orders. So be sure to stop by your local shop and order it or pick it up on our site. This game is by the heroic Josh Chewning and is a damn sweet deal!!!

Mark is on half day today and will come in around noon to assess the damage done to the print shop and help with restocking and inventory.

Peter is working on Castle Keeper's Guide cover/layout and Inzae map apparently. haha

I will update some of the information on the message boards. Clean the office and begin inventory on the return stock from Gencon, tally sales reports and enter the data into my trusty battle wagon of a computer here. There's about 15 boxes of mixed material so it will take a moment or two. After this I'll prep the convention cases for the next convention and get them stored. Then a phone call to Jim and as I failed to write my articles for Crusader 12 yesterday I'll do at least one this afternoon. Also my alliance solicitations are over due and with luck I will get them in this afternoon.

Thanks for playing.