Green Grass & Blue Skies

Hope you all enjoyed some Marty Robbins. I noted Treebore did. I love those western tunes by the by! Need to find me Dean Martin song I used to have up here . . . .

Monday and Tuesday found us short of all supplies and Mark dropped me a long laundry list of things to get to keep us all happy. So I spent the better part of that time ordering equipment and office supplies. I also put a wrap on all the Crusader articles I was working on. Mark and Peter hammering away at what they do best, Davis working over A5 and scripting the notes for A6, so that I can write it.

Today I have some legal material to go over and revise, contracts and what not. After that its all eyes on Shades of Mist.

Peter is SUPPOSED to be working the CKG, but keeps getting interrupted by me and Mark is sorting through a host of outside print jobs.

Thanks for Playing