Word of the Day -- Hodag

At Gary Con and Gamehole Con for that matter, after a few too many beers, you might just see a:

Hodag -- a mythical animal reported chiefly from Wisconsin and Minnesota, noted for its ugliness, lateral horns, and hooked tail, and reputed to be outstanding in both ferocity and melancholy.

I first came across this word while at Gary Con actually.  I was in the bar and talking to someone about Wisconsin.  I think they were from up in northern Wisconsin and they mentioned Hodag.  I couldn't tell if they were putting me on, or if I were drunk.  Likely both,  but they swore they were real.   And it would be cool if they are.  I love Wisconsin, it's a really cool state.  Hope to see it (and perhaps a few Hodag as well) in March!