Castles & Crusades CK Screens (Next Generation)

 After much searching, most of it failed, Jason Vey (author of Amazing Adventures and other games by TLG and Nightshift), found us a printer for the Castles & Crusades CK Screens. This iteration will be slightly different that the last couple. It will move away from the heavy board that we have been using and return to a lighter board with UV coating on it. It will be very similar to the origanal C&C screens and those aware of them, the old AD&D screens.

Basically we were the first to put out heavy board screens. Everyone followed and now we are going back! :)

These will sport some of the old material, but a we think, be even more functional with the content. We've added things like like lodging costs, names, unarmed combat and made the movement rules much easier to digest. 

Here is what you'll get:

These should be out in the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when they are released.


Tim said…
That is gonna be badass!
StuRat said…
Which old AD&D screen?

The oldest were 1/8th to 3/16th thick board (Like a Monopoly or Risk board).

Then they did the thick cardstock, laminated version.
Troll Lord said…
StuRat, I only remember the four panel screens that I thought were the first ones? Davis and I started gaming in '76, but we clearly missed something. So you are saying that there were thick board screens before the laminated version? Holy Carolina!
StuRat said…
Unless I Mandela'd my way in from another universe, there were indeed thick cardboard DM screens. Came as a 4 panel plus a two-panel add-on that was the psionics tables (hence never used except a vision block if you needed more room.