Word of the Day -- Sleight

When I was around 8 or so, my brother Rick gave me a book of magic that I only recently lost.  I wrote in it, I studied it, I practiced and practiced.  I was horrible.  My parents and brothers would watch and were kind, but I was just awful.

Still that love of magic, of hands moving, misdirecting, astonishing people, never went away.  I'm not really into the whole huge productions of magic, like that Criss guy or the other one.  No I prefer the buskers, the card sharps, the con artists who can fool you with any:

Sleight -- Dexterity, skill, crafty.  Often used in the phrase sleight of hand.

Important to note that it is sleight - not slight - though they are homophones.  Sleight comes from Old Norse I read, around the 14th Century.  So people have been fooling people for a long time...