Know the beet? No, can you hummus a few bars?

I admit as soon as I made this recipe, I started working on all the puns. Feel the beet.  The beet is on, etc. etc.  I love puns and use any excuse I can to bring on up so this was a no-brainer.

I know it looks a bit like raspberry frosting, but in fact it is beet hummus.   

The recipe is pretty straightforward, you include one roasted beet in with the rest of the ingredients for making hummus.  I had a little bit of an issue with it being a bit dry, but adding some of the chickpea can liquid did the trick.  

So, in order to make it, you will need 1 16oz can of chickpeas, 2 TB lemon juice, garlic (I like a lot of garlic so I used 3 cloves, some salt to taste, and some tahini.  I make mine but store bought is fine, just hard to find around here.  

Put all the ingreditents, including the beet, in a food processor and pulse for a minute or so.  Wipe down the sides, pulse some more until you reach the consistency you want.  I like mine a little thick but if you want, you can keep adding chickpea liquid to get it thinner.

That's all there is to it.  It is a bit sweeter than plain hummus, a nice change, plus it is just cool to look at.  

Let me know if you try it!

~ Tim


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