Monday, October 25, 2021

Free Book!

The word of the day today should be: FREE.  That's right, we want more of you to sign up for our newsletter.  You'll not only get great info and specials in your inbox, you will also get a FREE BOOK if you sign up before Halloween.  It's simple and only takes a minute. Once you do, you'll get a confirmation letter with a coupon for both the 5th Edition and Castles & Crusades version of The Hanged Man...

A long journey under an azure sky filling with brackish, boiling clouds ends at a large oak tree. Here, from a muscled branch, a man hangs limply by a thick rope strangled around his neck. Beyond, a dim, rising, yellow moon silhouette’s a village. Snaking, ashy tendrils of smoke coil above rooftops, lights glitter in windows while a miasmal fog creeps down upon the village from freshly churned fields. Then, as sudden as lightening, a fife and fiddle begin a joyous tune. This stops as abruptly as it started. All that now can be heard is a rope straining and groaning with the weight of the hanged man.

A bizarre and humorous adventure where absolution is as important as keeping one’s head.

This adventure is designed for 4-6 high-level characters.

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