Word of the Day -- VCR

Okay, I'm not really sure this is even an official word.  Wuick check shows that merriam-webster uses it in all caps and therefore it is not an official word per se, but we of a certain age know what this is:

VCR -- a device that uses videocassettes for recording and playing back videotapes.

Like yesterday's WOTD cassette, this word was courtesy of a favorite email I receive weekly from Word Genius.  This week it was all about 12 words you may never hear again.  Check it out for even more interesting words like fax machine, floppy disk, and the ever popular (until it most assuredly was not) pager.  

Growing up we had a VCR, I can't recall when we first got one, but I remember being enthralled with it.  And it was such a freeing event -- record the show you want and suddenly you can go hang out with your friends at the arcade and when you got back you would have your own copy of "Soap" to watch.  (who remembers that show?)

Nowadays, I don't even own a television.  Not that I don't still love TV, i do.  I just hate having things.  I prefer to have less around me.  I have a cabin that we are in now that is about 1000 sq ft and a condo in Portland that is less than 600 feet so having less is always good.  So now I watch everything on Fubo TV via the computer.  A huge shout out to Mac for turning me onto Fubo.  Oh, and Hulu, and Netflix.  Yeah, I love TV.  Just glad I don't need a VCR anymore!