Word of the Day -- Ashwagandha

Okay, here is a word that is bandied about quite often these days online and in my own house, as my wife is getting her Wellness Certification. She is very interested in nutrition and health and is always sending me articles designed to make me feel better and to live longer.  While I'm not convinced I'm not too far gone, I nevertheless have been dieting and exercising and have been eating better.  And I do feel better, so maybe there is something to all this after all.  One of the things she wants me to try is:

Ashwagandha -- a preparation usually of the leaves or roots of an evergreen shrub (Withania somnifera) native to Africa, Asia, and southern Europe that is used in herbal medicine especially as a tonic, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogen.

Looks like tree bark to me, but hopefully it's better than teething the sycamore off the side deck...