Word of the Day -- Cassette

Think about it -- Almost all instances where you would use this word are going by the wayside, especially this one:

Cassette -- a plastic cartridge containing magnetic tape with the tape passing from one reel to another.

In a previous post I was lamenting about my age, and this one probably shows it better than most.  I was around for vinyl records including .45s, 8 track cartridges, and was duly impressed by the cassette tape and so pleased with the first one I had in my toyota celica back in '84 or '85.   Since then we have gone through compact discs to downloading on the phone.  Unlike our fearless leader, Steve, I have not gone "retro" and starting collecting vinyl again.  I've embraced technology and love the fact that I can carry all the music I care to in my phone.  

But in it's day this was bad... ass...