Thursday, June 04, 2015

DC on the Move

Somehow I missed this, but DC comics made the gigantic move to relocate from New York to Burbank California. The desire was to bring the comic giant close to Warner Bros. It would seem that they want to be closer to the studios to make the comic movies work a little better.

I'm not sure being physically closer to the studio is going to actually help anything. DC movies dont' seem as well constructed as Marvel and I'm not sure why. I'm a huge DC fan, with the likes of Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman ranking in my top favorite super heroes, but for whatever reason DC can't seem to bring its stuff together.

There's alot of messaging in DC films, alot of it centered around Batman and his Dark Knight persona. He tends to whine alot, and with this as a focus point it makes the other heroes, like Sups, who are supposed to be sure of themselves whine too.


Maybe I'm too hard on Batman, but the whole "Oh the world is dark" thing is just too much.

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