Tales of Aufstrag

In the 7th century of Unklar's rule the Megerein Punchthroat was brought to Aufstrag. In chains she was drug into the Torture Gardens and made to suffer as all there suffered. A slow death was her sentence and she was sent to the Yard, there to hang on hook and chain. For many weeks she suffered, her life's blood running into the sludge of the Yard. She refused death however, for Megerein was as iron. Her name alone carried the tale of blood. As a young rogue she was taken in the throat by the sharp blade of a guisarme, but she lived, though her voice was like gravel ever after.

Megerein was an unkind woman, hard and cruel to those who crossed her, unforgiving to those who turned on her. She suffered many to die in slow agonies. But she was ever an enemy of Aufstrag and she hated all the folk of the Horned God. She hounded them, stole their treasures and murdered their emissaries. Many she tortured.

But Megerein would not yield and eventually made good her escape, lifting herself from the hook, she fled the hall and into the Gallery to hide in the shadows. And in the shadows she excelled and she ranged over all the First Ward, murdering, stealing and wreaking havoc where she could. In time her power was such that she turned on her masters and freeing a host of slaves from the Lesser Gallery and the Hall of Cages she waged war on them.

~ Gallery of Souls, Aufstrag, Tales of Aufstrag