Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gallery of Souls

Gallery of Souls is the third floor of fabled Aufstrag and comprises the Horned Gods dungeons, prisons, pens and cages. The dungeons served as a prison for all the lesser creatures found wanting in the eyes of Unklar. Those bound here included the good and the evil, those who bound themselves to him, but were found lacking, those who fought him, those who were innocent and whose souls were stained black. All those hauled here were chained to walls, bound in cages, thrown into pits or holes. There are large rooms and small, some connected, other isolated. Some chambers were open and governed by their occupants, the greatest of which was called simply the Bulwark. The Bulwark was often at odds with the masters of the Gallery and during the aftermath of the Brimottaut they rose in rebellion, slaying their keepers and plundering the surrounding the Gallery, releasing many of those bound there.

~Gallery of Souls, Aufstrag

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