Thursday, June 18, 2015

UFO Files

Here's a pretty interesting account of an F18 Fighter Pilot's lock on a UFO back in 1999. I picked this up over at the MUFON network. Its has lots of interesting accounts of encounters as well as good explanations as to how these encounters are dealt with, reactions, stats on sitings, results of investigations etc.

"While flying across the Atlantic with a block altitude of FL260-FL290 and approximately 900 nm west of the Azores I had my radar scanning the ocean for ships. I had the radar running in SEA mode to track ships. This mode will give us a contact on the radar display and also a vector of the direction of travel and its speed. My radar picked up a contact 80 nm in front of my aircraft and 20 degrees to the right.

What struck me, was this contact was at 3,000 feet and tracking slowly east at about 10-50 knots. That was very unusual. I watched it for a few moments changing direction and altitude as low as 1,000 feet. I decided to try to lock the object with my radar. I put the radar back in air to air mode and I got a steady lock at 60 nm but what happened from there was truly shocking. The object started to accelerate and climb. Within 13 seconds, which is a full sweep of the Hornet APG-73 radar, the object went to over 1,000 knots and climbed to 70,000 feet and still climbing. My radar continued its lock until the object gimbaled the radar and I lost contact. This object reacted to my radar and it appeared to know that it was being tracked."

Sometimes I just can't help but wonder....

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