Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lake Mureaal

In the early days of Aufstrag the Gallery of Souls sported an arena. Burrowed 80 feet into the floor, near to the ceiling of the Acre below, wide a spacious, the arena sported benches of stone that sat thousands. Column adorned the arena, and multiple doors led to cells beneath the bleachers. Here the sport of death was constant and many a denizen was tortured, maimed or devoured on the sandy floor.

But that ended in the 3rd century of Unklar's rule when a band of prisoners rose in revolt. They fought on the sandy floor until all were slain but a druid of the far off Darkenfold. He laughed off his tormentors and with a mighty spell he unmade himself. Such was the detonation that flesh and bone fell away to dust and many of his tormentors were killed and maimed. The ceiling above collapsed as did the southern wall of the arena. This tore a gash a dozen feet long in a pipe in the wall that channeled water from on high. Slowly the arena filled for there was no where for the water to go so that soon the arena was a lake.

Ousmane, Lord of the Gallery, was much amused and let the lake stand. At first the water ran down the southern corridor and flooded portions of the lesser dungeons, but Ousmane ordered the walls pulled down and in the chaos of ruin the water was redirected to flow through fissues in the rubble of the southern corridor, out into a balconied chamber and on to the swamps far below.

~ The Gallery of Souls, Aufstrag

© Chenault & Gray Publishing

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